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Patty’s House

Here’s a first look at one of the projects I’ll be working on completing over the next couple of months. This one’s interesting because it’s already well into construction: this house was begun by the Design Corps Summer Studio, which ended — after making impressive progress — and handed it off to the GCCDS and a contractor to finish designing and building.

This house, built for a lady named Patricia, shows a couple characteristics of Biloxi architecture. First, it’s elevated approximately 12 feet above the ground, based on federal flood height estimates. Not all new buildings are elevated that high, and some aren’t at all, but it’s a requirement in some places. Second, it exemplifies the Dogtrot style of house: two enclosed, conditioned spaces, separated by an open-air walkway (the dog-trot), which in this house also serves as the landing for the stair.


As you can see in this second photo, the porch also becomes an important exterior space. If this were my house, I’d love to keep it sans railings (what building codes?)


The stairs down. The railings for the exterior spaces and stairs will have to be designed over the next week or two.


Next, the distinctive bracing pattern under the floor, as designed by the summer studio folks. It looks great, and reminds me of a tree, which is a theme that comes up several times in this building.


General shot of the floor framing, Sonotube columns, bracing, stairs, scaffolding, and so forth.



That’s the status as of today. More news as it breaks.



3 thoughts on “Patty’s House

  1. How do they determine how much load a “tree” bracing structure like this one can withstand? This reminds me of the book “Nature Got There First”.

    Posted by Laurel | September 12, 2007, 1:29 pm
  2. Educated guessing. Followed by lunch.

    Posted by Vincent | September 18, 2007, 11:53 pm


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