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The GCCDS : our digs

Today’s post is a quick photographic tour of our office. But first, exciting news — I met with my first new client today, Lendell. I’ll be designing a house for Lendell, and David Perkes and I discussed with him what he wants and needs in a home (David is the head of the studio, and my boss). It went well; of course no firm decisions are made at this stage, but with the information he gave us I’ll be able to start drawing up some ideas.

So here’s the unassuming brick building where we work. This is actually the EBCRRA — the East Biloxi Coordination, Relief, and Redevelopment Agency — which houses a number of organizations, including Architecture for Humanity and our own, the Gulf Coast Community Design Studio (GCCDS).


Plain on the outside, to be sure. On the inside, we get an open, well-lit space to work in:


The building has been recently and skilfully renovated. Here’s one of my favorite parts, our project tracking board:


And examples of past and current work:


Finally, a trip through the hallway to our offices in the back:




It’s a nice place to work, even if it’s modest enough that I drive past it by accident half of the time. The office interesting because it’s demonstrative of the sort of relaxed yet efficient professionalism under which the studio operates. Good organization helps push a project through the various stages of planning, designing, permitting, and construction. The result is that, for a group of roughly a dozen young students and interns and only one licensed architect, the studio produces a remarkable volume and quality of work.



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