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Food Network

So yesterday the Food Network very generously cooked dinner for a Volunteer Appreciation event over at the Salvation Army. I didn’t get any awards (have my two weeks of work gone so completely unnoticed?!) but the food was good enough to ignore the oversight. The show was Dinner Impossible with Robert Irvine. I wasn’t previously familiar with it, but Robert Irvine is dispatched every episode to cook a meal for a large number of people on very short notice. Watch the episode whenever it comes on, you might get a glance of me. (I’m presuming you have nothing better to do with your life). Pictures after the break.

This here’s Robert Irvine. In spite of appearances, he’s not actually suggesting that he and I “take it outside”.

Volunteer Dinner 1

Watching the recognition ceremony:

Volunteer Dinner 2

Giant roaster thing:

Volunteer Dinner 3

Jill and Tiara, lovely Americorps volunteers, illustrate “eating”:

Volunteer Dinner 4

The line was apparently long for hours after I left:

Volunteer Dinner 5



2 thoughts on “Food Network

  1. so you almost faught robert irvine? wha????

    Posted by Jessie | September 19, 2007, 11:45 am


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