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New home away from my home away from home

Moved out of the trailer and into m’new house last Sunday. It’s a smallish cottage duplex near the beach, two bedrooms, good kitchen, nice front porch. My mum brought the majority of the stuff down this past Friday (thanks!) and I’ve got everything more or less arranged. As a housewarming of sorts, I cooked dinner (Moroccan chicken & sausage curry over couscous! Tasty) for a crowd o’ people — the Americorps folks, Price from the Studio, and my roomates Becca, Quincy, Anne, and friends — and good times were had by all.

Here’s my room (the cleanest it’ll ever be; I thought I’d take a couple pictures in case Hurricane Vincent hits).

Bedroom 2

Bedroom 1

No internet in the house, so everything I post has to come from either the Salvation Army or the office. I’m still looking into the cost of an internet connection around here.

In work news, I had my second meeting with the Hoxie St. client, developed a steel and concrete stair and other details for Rosetti St., and I’m looking forward to helping out with the blitz build on the Parker house tomorrow. (Lots of volunteers = framing the house in a day).



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