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Sunday Night Wrapup

How is it already almost October?

The weather is still beautiful here, which lends itself to sunny days at the local art festival or cool nights having bonfires on the beach. It’s also been a settling-in kind of week; no big events, just encountering some of the realities of work and life.

On the Design Corps house, Jason Pressgrove and I spent a couple days last week working out on site in order to make some sort of tangible progress, because we’re having a frustrating time with the contractor. Building things is always fun, as is confronting my fear of heights while shooting the nail gun up on 15-foot scaffolding. Jason had the idea to build a temporary set of stairs so Patty would feel comfortable walking up into her house, and being able to show her around her house for the first time was quite a milestone for her and for us.

Rosetti-1 Rosetti-2 Rosetti-3 Rosetti-4

Last night my car developed a worrying clicking noise in its transmission. It seems to drive okay but I don’t want to drive it and mess it up until I can get it checked out. Yeesh… well, time to look into buying a bike…


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