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Le Beach

Life is good. I figure it doesn’t matter too much where you live, or what you do for a living. There’s a trick to it — it’s about finding what you enjoy, and enjoying it. Find people you enjoy spending time with, and spend time with them. Find experiences you enjoy, and take the time to experience them.

For instance, here’s what I would like to be doing at the moment: Lying on the beach, late evening, with a Blue Moon, a cup of Earl Grey tea, and several packs of Skittles, an attractive woman relaxing next to me. I’m reading the Economist, or a Neil Gaiman book, and she’s reading Calvin & Hobbes and laughing whenever she comes upon a particularly funny one, and we’re listening to a Prairie Home Companion over the distant rumbles of a thunderstorm several miles offshore. At that very moment, an eagle owl swoops down and delivers my personal Award for Special Services to the School.

See? I know exactly what I need to be happy. Even if it’s very dorky.




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