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Workin’ Like a Workin’ Man Do

Progress on a number of fronts:

  • Lendell’s house: met with him and the case manager and construction managers today and decided on the right direction to go in. Now I’ll finish the drawings to submit for permits by next week or so.
  • Patty’s house: spent today working up on the scaffolding, putting up sheathing. For just the three of us working today, we got pretty far. We were supposed to have volunteers but they’re scarce these days; in theory we’ve got a group coming to work next Monday.
  • Internet: the folks at CableOne are coming to install it in our house next week. Woo!

My little car’s having transmission trouble (making a noise like one of the gears lost a tooth) so it’s in the shop at the moment. Transmission work’s expensive but hopefully it won’t be too bad. And hopefully they know what they’re doing. The shop is “Coast Transmission Specialists”, thus named probably because “One Guy with a Hangover and a Wrench” isn’t a big seller.

This is a belated shout-out to Sonja, who sent me cookies. People, take this example to heart.



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