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In which Jami and LEED keep us entertained

We got a visit this week with Jami, designer, cinematographer, and lovely human being who worked with the group that designed and began building Patty’s house this summer. (An aside: the new web page for the house is up!). Jami arrived Wednesday from Chicago and spent most of the next four days lending us her experience with the LEED-certification side of the project and filming various people speaking about their involvement with the house and their life stories. Plus, she’s very energetic and smart and pleasant to hang out with and we talked and played pool and had a good time.

(LEED for Homes (short for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is standard for certifying homes that meet certain “green” requirements. It’s challenging and frustrating: as a pilot program, they need it to be rigorous so it will be taken seriously, so every step in the planning and construction process, every waste-reduction measure and energy-efficient design detail, must be documented and verified. Because it’s a pilot program, it’s not as streamlined as it should be, and there’s no established support network of LEED-certified products and services. Still, it wouldn’t be that bad if our studio were big enough to hire a full-time LEED-accredited professional. Instead, we share out the responsibility as best we can. And with people coming and going on this project, we struggle to not let too much knowledge get lost in the transition. Luckily Jami has been very helpful and proactive in this regard.)

We (Jami, Jonathan, Kiwi Brian, Price, Jason, myself) also had an on-site work day Saturday. Without meaning to sound negative, it wasn’t very productive. But we got some bracing up and Jason put in a floor for the quirky little attic/loft that we have discovered in the living room.



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