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In which a bonfire, permit drawings, car repair and more happen

The past weeks have been ambiguous. The everything-is-new-and-exciting stage is giving way to a facing-the-realities, be-they-financial, geospatial, professional, or-personal stage.

My car is fixed. I went to pick it up, armed with a credit card and checkbook. Well, Coast Transmission Specialists, as it turns out, does not take any form of money known to modern man: they don’t have a credit card machine and they were extremely reluctant to take an out-of-state check. No, they wanted a thousand dollars in cash. Now, it would seem that running a transmission repair business would entail regularly charging people rather large sums of money, but clearly I have not been drinking hard enough to understand the business logic at work here. I wrote them a check, which they poked with a stick and grunted at for a while. The guy went to cash it right away and said the credit union wouldn’t take it, so I looked into how much I can withdraw from an ATM before hitting a limit (answer: $500 plus fees). Never mind; the guy ends up being able to cash the check, and my car seems to be running well with approximately the same number of engines, wheels, and so forth as it had before.

Summer is turning into fall: it’s still 80’s or 70’s most days, but it’s definitely cooler on average. When it’s not raining, it’s not so oppressively humid and hot. This is peak season for volunteers: warm down here, cold up north. It’s a mixed blessing to meet so many interesting people that I’ll almost certainly never see again. Even the longer-term ones rotate out, like my Americorps friends who had a going-away beach bonfire on Saturday (fun people, though very weird).

Construction documents have been the tedious forced march of the past week; I’m working my way towards finishing my first set, for Lendell’s house, which of course requires learning almost everything from scratch. In a way, it’s exciting: in a few days, I’ll be applying for a building permit on a house that someone will hopefully soon live in. At the same time, it’s the kind of endless nitpicky revision that, though I’m pretty good at it, still drives me crazy.

I’m learning a lot from this process, and next time I’ll be more on top of it. I know this is definitely the work I want to be doing and I love doing it. Still, it’s an ambiguous and transitional moment. I don’t know where it’s going and I can’t even fully articulate why it’s strange. But I’m getting settled in for a long and productive and hopefully interesting autumn.



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