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Treehouse Update!

We’ve made a lot of progress on Patty’s house. Thanks to the efforts of a number of volunteer groups, particularly First Presbyterian, the exterior of the house is more or less finished. It finally looks like a real house, it’s great!

Rosetti 5

A couple more pictures below…

Rosetti 4

The finishing touches being put on the paint job. It’s not flashy, but it’s a subtle off-white that in the right light catches the green of the trees around it or the orange and blue of the sky, which looks phenomenal.

Among the personalized touches are the three window boxes, each of which is unique. The front room’s window box, above, gives a large view, a great place to sit, and is finished on the outside using metal sheets salvaged from Frank Gehry’s Biloxi art museum. The kitchen window box, below, can be touched from inside and outside, so we decided to clad it using weathered cedar boards (assembled by a finish carpenter who happened to be volunteering with us). Both windows have wide sills for potted plants or other decorations.

Rosetti 6

With the exterior mostly finished, we’re moving on to the interior work, although we’ve run into stumbling points that are slowing things down. But it’s satisfying that we’ve at least made some progress.



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