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Head in bandages for a few days once again. I’m having a birthmark on my head removed, first surgery was in August, second was yesterday. Painkillers seem to be doing a better job, or maybe sutures are less painful than staples. They will certainly be easier for going through airport security.

I’m not planning to let this interfere with enjoying the break, I’ll be up and about and bringing the turban back into style.

Blacksburg’s doing well. It’s very interesting to come back and see the changes in the growing downtown and elsewhere. We’re still waiting on a judge to tell us if the Town can have any say whether or not a Wal-Mart can be built here. I’m encouraged that Blacksburg is putting up a pretty good fight for its right to self-determination. We need more shopping, but we also need it on our own terms, terms which will not drive our local businesses out of business.

Only 5 days til Christmas!



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