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Christmas in Virginia

Christmas came with plenty of good food: Crepes, orange rolls, beef wellington, cranberry sauce, salad, gingersnaps, almond butter cookies, peanut brittle, ice cream, and more.


Adding to the list of healthy foods are Dutch treats, like Chocoladeletters — big chocolates that come in all letters of the alphabet:


From the back of one (this is a Dutch rhyme about Black Pete):

“Zwarte Piet ging uit fietsen,
toen klapte zijn band.
Hij moest toen gaan lopen,
met de fiets aan zijn hand,
Hij kwam in een dorpje
en zei tegen de smid.
Ik geloof dat er in mijn
achterband een pepernootje zit.” *

*I do not really know what this all means.

It’s good to see the family and some friends who are around town. Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays!



2 thoughts on “Christmas in Virginia

  1. Hi Vincent,

    I came across your site while searching for the lyrics to the rhyme mentioned here (St. Nicks is tomorrow here). Allow me to reciprocate by translating it … badly:

    Black Pete went for a ride on his bike,
    but his tire blew out.
    He was forced to continue on foot
    while leading the bike by hand
    He happened across a village
    and this he told its smith:
    “If I’m not mistaken
    there’s a pepernootje* in my hind tire”


    Take care!

    Posted by Pim Soomer | December 4, 2009, 11:33 am
  2. That’s great, Pim — Dank je wel!

    Posted by Vincent | December 9, 2009, 11:50 am

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