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Twisday Update

Ahh… man… I hurt all over. Frisbee and judo are definitely keeping me active.

Life is progressing at its usual manic pace:

At Patty’s house, we’re working building stairs, with the help of a couple dedicated volunteers who unfortunately left today. This involves pouring a fairly elaborate landing, assembling the lower flight of stairs, disassembling and strengthening the upper flight of stairs, and building a handrail for the whole shebang. We’re working towards dedicating the house Friday. All the work won’t be done, but we’d like to be at a stage where she could move in and finally leave her FEMA trailer.

Lendell’s house a couple blocks down is speeding towards a finish as well. The outside is sided and painted, the interior is sheetrocked and being painted and trimmed this week.

We’re moving forward with Oak Street planning; I need to begin putting the information we received at the community meeting into some more developed designs. We got great input that identified values, like cultural diversity and neighborhood identity, and needs, like transportation and support for businesses. Our next community meeting is Tuesday, April 15.

I have a new rehab on Rosetti Street to draw up for Lanola. Her house is the first two-story house I’ve worked on, and — as it’s still stripped down to the studs, and as both she and her husband have trouble making it up to the house’s only bathroom on the second floor — it clearly needs some improvements.

That’s what’s up! That, and a dozen other jobs that need to get done but tend to get set aside.



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