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Google Flight Sim

I am having way too much fun with this. There is actually a hidden flight simulator built into Google Earth, giving you the ability to fly above a reasonably accurate representation of the Earth. If you already have Google Earth, hit Option + Command/Open Apple Key + A (Ctrl + Alt + A on Windows) to bring up the flight simulator. You can start from any location that you are currently viewing or from a number of airports. You can also choose your plane, either an F-16 or a more sensible, but still easy-to-crash, SR-22 prop plane. The controls are fairly straightforward but a little tricky to master.

Here I am plummeting towards the Golden Gate Bridge:


This is a pretty fascinating game — simple, sure, but I think the ability to see real-world topography and scenery makes up for that. I’ve managed to waste quite a bit of time flying from place to place, checking out Blacksburg, Biloxi, France, and all the other destinations. Navigating is the tricky part, but if you bring up the sidebar you get an on-screen compass as well as the ability to turn on all the usual Google Earth place names, roads, and so forth. Enjoy!



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