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New house starting

I have a new house starting on Crawford Street for Hung and his family. It’s a new three-bedroom L-shaped configuration with the bedrooms along the longer axis of the house and a covered front stair leading to the living and dining rooms and kitchen in the back. It also has a significant amount of deck space, with front and back decks and a small porch for the master bedroom.

Habitat for Humanity of Northern Virginia will be taking the lead on construction for this one. The piles just went in yesterday:

Follow the link for more photos of the pile-driving process!

The tree right behind the house had to be trimmed so it could be kept; it will actually be very close to the rear deck and possibly form part of its structure.

Setting piles. First, the workers use a large auger to create a hole several feet deep:

Next, they load up one of the piles (a 10×10, in this case), and maneuver it into place.

They verify that the piles are positioned correctly and level, then use a heavy driver to pound the piles into the ground to a depth of over 8 feet. It’s a very interesting operation to watch. And it’s good to finally start this house and come one step closer to getting another family back into their home.



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