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Les copains d’abord

Sunset over

Quiet weekend. Joined a couple people from KaBOOM Saturday night on a little party boat for a slow-moving trip up and down the Biloxi coast. Today, the Guys’ Bad Movie Day featured “Thor the Conqueror” and “Death Stalker”; picture ridiculous over-the-top barbarian movies done on low and medium budgets, respectively.

I read No Country For Old Men this week. The style is laid on thick, but it’s a great book and comes highly recommended. I’ve also been watching the entirety of “The Office”, primarily the American version. It’s a great show; normally televised awkwardness makes me cringe a little, so The Office makes me cringe a lot, but is hilarious as it does so.

That’s about it. Oh, and I picked up a sweet French CD at the thrift store — George Brassens’ Les copains d’abord — as well as “Trivial Pursuit” (1981 edition), “Rummikub”, and a couple of books, “The Jungle” and “The Great Escape”.



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