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Biloxi Post: Le Bakery

I believe I’ve mentioned Le Bakery before, but the world deserves to know more about this place, a sublime union of French and Vietnamese cuisine. It is, by far, my favorite restaurant in Biloxi, due to its delicious $3 vietnamese po-boy sandwiches (meat and veggies on a fresh-baked roll), bubble teas, and desserts. I recommend the following: a coconut curry chicken po-boy with an avocado-almond bubble tea and a bavarian cream turnover for afters.

If you’re ever near Biloxi, head over to Oak Street and check it out. It’s so good that I’m not sure how I’ll go on living after Biloxi without Le Bakery in my life.

Trinh and Leo chat with Vu, behind the counter:

A framed photo of their classic Katrina sign:

Bread crab!

Bread gator!

A selection of amazing-looking desserts:

Bread snowman & fresh-baked rolls.



3 thoughts on “Biloxi Post: Le Bakery

  1. Awww man…I never got to go! When I visit, you must take me there on a Fancy French date! I will dress French, though I don’t have to try very hard..seeing as I am the Frenchwoman Eugenia Schambeau!

    Posted by Eugenia Schambeau! | August 7, 2008, 1:30 pm


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