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Still Wet

Ike brought more inland flooding to Biloxi today, probably around 7 feet above normal sea level. That’s the highest it’s expected to get here; there will likely still be 5 or so feet of flooding tomorrow. I spent the early afternoon biking through the water, when the water had just started to recede. See my photos below.

The Coordination Center’s new trailer becomes waterfront property:

“Available”! Buy now! Prime land with option for seafloor conversion.

Rising water in the bayou.

Back Bay Boulevard, rearground, with ruined structure from Katrina.

Ruined structure from Katrina.

Not flooded, but cool — the shell of a large warehouse ruined by Katrina:

Better hope the water doesn’t get aaaaany higher:

US 90 (Beach Boulevard) was flooded in numerous places between the Isle of Capri casino (background) and the rest of Casino Row.

Flooded car by the Isle of Capri casino:

6″-18″ of water in the first floor of the Isle of Capri parking garage:

Beach closed:

The City of Biloxi also has photos available on its website.

This particular storm surge closed some roads but didn’t threaten much except a few very low-lying houses and trailers. However, it makes the gamble of building on low-lying land very clear. This was a 7 feet of water. Katrina brought 28 feet. So we’re all hoping at the moment that Galveston and the rest of the Texas coastline fare all right with the approach of Ike.



One thought on “Still Wet

  1. You’re such an adorable little cyclist!

    By the way, I was accidentally felt up last night by one of favorite musicians, I hope you’re not too heartbroken over the matter…

    Posted by eugeniaclark | September 14, 2008, 7:14 pm

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