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KaBOOM in Vancleave

Edit [12/26/08]: See these photos and more at my Flickr page.


After working with KaBOOM! on a shade structure in North Gulfport, I was asked to lead another tile project in Vancleave, MS, a mostly rural community about 30 minutes east and north of Biloxi. This KaBOOM! build was scheduled for October 25th, “Make A Difference Day”, and Hands On wanted to help out by using painted tiles to beautify part of the park.

We decided to tile the columns of the large pavilion adjacent to the park. To do so, we had to pad out the 5-1/2″ by 5-1/2″ wood columns to accomodate the 6″ square tiles, so we used screws to first put up 1/4″ cementitious tile backer, which also created a better surface to tile on. Working from lessons learned in North Gulfport, we decided to mortar and grout the tiles rather than use a construction adhesive. This added some work, but the results are much better.

Will and Leah helped out immensely on Make A Difference Day, and yesterday Danae, Ingrid, Pat, and Katie came out to help me finish the grouting. It turned out very well, and showcases the childrens’ art in a very durable way.

More pictures below:

photos-2008-11-06-vancleave-001a photos-2008-11-06-vancleave-007

photos-2008-11-06-vancleave-010 photos-2008-11-06-vancleave-003a

photos-2008-11-06-vancleave-012 photos-2008-11-06-vancleave-009

photos-2008-11-06-vancleave-008 photos-2008-11-06-vancleave-006

More photos on Flickr, including plenty from “Make A Difference Day” (October 25th), when hundreds of volunteers helped put up the tiles and build a playground.



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