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Bad Movie of the Week: Gamebox 1.0

Welcome to the Bad Movie of the Week. [Read more background or see the Bad Movie Archive.] For this installment, we bring you a 2004 title from the sci-fi shelf:

Gamebox 1.0 (2004)


Plot: It’s not very important to the enjoyment of the movie, but here goes. Depressed computer nerd gets mysterious video game headset in the mail. Depressed computer nerd puts on mysterious video game headset and gets sucked into a virtual reality world, where he meets characters that resemble people he knows in real life, including his dead girlfriend. Mysterious video game’s villain is a virtual version of the cop who killed her, and depressed computer nerd must defeat him to beat the game and escape, setting the stage for a real-life facedown.

Best quote: (Repeated throughout the opening sequence, without a trace of sarcasm) “If you wanted to take over the world, video games would be a pretty good way to do it.”


Most implausible moment: Hm, this is a tough one. Either you accept the entirely ridiculous premise of the movie, or it’s all the most implausible. So I’m going to go with every time the main character hits on a woman based on a mutual liking for roast beef sandwiches. (Final count: 4 times).

‘Gratuitous Hotness’ bonus: 0 (out of 1 possible). The hero’s dead girlfriend / video game love interest was kind of cute, but the story is about the main character reconciling himself with her death and blah blah blah, depressing, who cares.

‘Gratuitous Violence’ bonus: ½ (out of 1 possible). The computer game violence was lame, but it was an awesome kind of lame.

Final score: 3 (6 is worst). The movie’s wholesale embrace of its very silly premise is somewhat endearing. The acting is terrible, the music is terrible, the plot is full of holes, the effects are cheesy, the tone is overly serious and depressing, and no time is wasted with questions like why or how things are happening, but if you can get past all that, you’ll enjoy it. Definitely worth watching once.


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