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Structures for Inclusion 9

Structures for Inclusion 9


March 20-22, 2009 | Dallas, TX

Announcing the 9th annual Structures for Inclusion (SFI) conference, presented by DESIGN CORPS, the buildingcommunity WORKSHOP and Texas Schools of Architecture. Entitled “GENERATE.ACTIVATE.MAINTAIN”, SFI 9 explores the process of community-based practice and, ultimately, how you insert yourself into the cycle of thought and action.

Saturday’s panels explore the breadth of issues which community-based projects begin to address, the means through which to expand our knowledge and skills, and the environments within which we might continue to expand those skills. In addition to small-scale discussions following each of the panels, the conference is punctuated by a series of Sunday workshops organized around participant-submitted projects. The overall goal for this component is to synthesize the knowledge and experience from Saturday’s panelists, present a set of skills to conference attendants in a hands-on learning environment, and assist a group of attendees in advancing their projects to the next stage. (See the Design Corps website for more details).

I’ll be there, along many of the GCCDS staff and spring students!




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