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A June Weekend

I. Deer Island

For a while, I have wanted to swim out to Deer Island, the small coastal island about half a mile off the Biloxi beach. Saturday afternoon, I decided to give it a shot. The water is hot, salty and stagnant, so it it not a very pleasant swim, and you have to watch out for boat traffic the entire way. However, I made it, and the island itself is quite nice. It is uninhabited, although plenty of boaters pull up to enjoy the beach. The shore side of the island is an attractive expanse of marsh grass followed by tall, hardy pine trees. The Gulf side is more bare, covered in oyster shells and skeletal tree stumps where the island has shifted and the water has overtaken the trees. The journey left me thirsty, sunburned and accomplished and wishing I had a waterproof way to bring a camera along for the swim.


II. Raiders Adaptation

Saturday night, on the recommendation of GCCDS planning intern Mark, I joined a group from the studio to see a screening of “Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation” in Ocean Springs. This is a shot-for-shot remake of Raiders of the Lost Ark, filmed between 1982 and 1989 by a group of kids from Ocean Springs, half on Betamax and half on VHS. Although I’m tagging it here as part of the Bad Movie of the Week, and the audio and video quality are terrible, the effort put into recreating the original is impressive and some of the scenes are hilarious. This adaptation has been screened around the world and has become a cult hit.


III. Fran & Eric

Our friends Fran and Eric departed yesterday after two weeks spent volunteering here in Biloxi. They brought with them an impressive army of friends, ranging in age from 6 to 87, who helped them work at one of the Coordination Center’s current projects, Shirley’s house. Fran and her tile crew did not one but three amazing tile mosaics, and Eric did some excellent trim work. (See their pictures from the past two weeks here). This Sunday, they joined us for lunch at the Seal Avenue house. There was fried chicken, pasta salad, bruschetta, salad, peach-blueberry galette, homemade sorbet, and more. We had a great time and were glad to be able to chat with Fran and Eric and wish them a safe trip home. Come back soon!



IV. Pool Party

After an excellent meal, we wrapped up the weekend by spending a relaxing afternoon at the Treasure Bay Casino pool. Many of the casinos have pools that are open to the public on Sundays, so we went to paddle around, sunbathe, and relax. Finally, the thunderclouds began rolling in and we headed home to enjoy the first rainstorm in a couple weeks.



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