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Planet Fitness Biloxi

In February, I joined the Biloxi gym Planet Fitness and wrote this post mocking some of their more inane practices. Since then, going there was uneventful and boring; nobody there so much as said “Hi,” but neither did anything make my experience there awful.

Things changed when I walked in one day about two months later. After being greeted with the usual request for my gym ID number, I was told that my membership had been canceled. In fact, it had been canceled over a month earlier — on April 30 — with no notice to me. Why? The lady at the front desk could not tell me. She called the owner, but it took 15 minutes to get an answer. Finally, the reply came that my account has been canceled “in reference to some things that were said on the internet.”

Wow. Really? If that’s referring to what I wrote, it doesn’t say much for the self-esteem of the owners of this Planet Fitness that they surf the internet looking for comments about their gym and then boot any members they can identify. But it says even less about their respect for their customers that they would actually cancel my membership — without telling me — based on an old blog post. I am starting to understand their business model, though; the $60 sign-up fee is a sweet deal for them if they can cancel a membership after two months.

But guess what, Planet Fitness? That’s disrespectful to your customers. It creates an atmosphere in which they feel unwelcome and — yes — judged. This is not the only problem with Planet Fitness, as others have summed up here, here, here, here, and here. But it’s the worst: a basic refusal to treat customers with respect.

Since June, I have twice been promised that the franchise owner, John Landry, would call me back with an explanation. It has been two months and I have never heard from him, nor can anyone tell me how to reach him.

Edit (9/28/09): On Sept. 16, Mr. Landry finally called me back. He agreed to refund my sign-up fee.



7 thoughts on “Planet Fitness Biloxi

  1. Late response to this old post, but I only just found it while Googling. I have just had my gym membership revoked by Planet Fitness, too (a location in PA). Why? Because I complained to corporate when they replaced A&E and TNT on the gym’s tvs with two more ESPN channels (bringing the grand total up to four). The funny thing is, they gave me an explanation, I told them why I thought it was a bad decision, and I thought the matter was closed. I’d been going to the gym for several days with my iPod (since I no longer had dramas to watch), when the manager of the local club — whom I’d never met, or even talked to — called me to discuss the matter. I told her this was now several days old, and that I was tired of talking about it, and I’d conceded…but she persisted. I got a little short with her, but nothing rude or violent, no cursing, etc. And when she called today to tell me that my membership was revoked, she said it was because “you can’t be complaining to us repeatedly.” Huh? SHE was the one who called ME to continue the discussion!

    Right now I’m waiting for corporate to get back to me (I know, don’t hold my breath) about whether or not they will reinstate me. I think that a corporate policy that has reasonable customer complaints as a cause for revocation of membership is, well, completely f*$!ed up. Planet Fitness is apparently a repressive dictatorship!

    Posted by ExerciseGrrl | February 4, 2010, 6:06 pm
    • Bizarre, right? I can’t imagine things like this happening in any other franchise. Most businesses have learned to take complaints in stride, and not treat them as personal insults.

      It took the local Planet Fitness manager six months to return my call. I wish you luck. It’s like dealing with children.

      Posted by Vince | February 4, 2010, 9:15 pm
  2. Hey Vincent, believe it or not…after a couple of calls to corporate, I got the local manager to call me back. We had a little chat, we both cooled off, and she reinstated my membership. I’m really glad because even though I think it stinks that they acted like a repressive dictatorship or a 5-year-old child, it’s still a great bargain and the closest gym to my house. After shopping for treadmills all weekend and contemplating cutting a hole in my house to fit one in, I’m relieved I won’t actually have to do that.

    Posted by ExerciseGrrl | February 8, 2010, 4:36 pm
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