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The Tournament Heats Up

This is an exciting time, and as a major tournament moves on to its next phase, the international community watches with bated breath. Intense competition, thrilling comebacks, stunning knockouts, refereeing scandals — it’s all there. I’m talking, of course, about the 2010 Which Wich Tournament.

In case you’re not aware, the Which Wich Tournament is a contest based on my office Secret Santa present to James Wheeler. The tournament pits the 50 different Which Wich sandwiches against one another to determine the ultimate champion — the best Which Wich sandwich. Running since January 6, the tournament has reached its last stage as the two finalists face off next week:


Looking back to January, I don’t think many pundits could have predicted this matchup. Heavyweights such as Beef Cheesesteak, the Tuna Salad, and of course the Muffaletta have all fallen by the wayside — some upset by feisty underdogs, others embroiled in questionable judging decisions. But that’s why the tournament is played, and there’s no question that these are two powerful sandwiches heading into the final.

By next Wednesday, one of these sandwiches will have fallen and one will remain standing. But as we look back, I think the true legacy of this tournament isn’t in the wins and losses. It’s in the spirit of the competition, the joy that it brings to our office, and — yes — the pursuit of true greatness.

Just remember: We’re not heroes. We’re just people who love sandwiches.

For more on the 2010 Which Wich Tournament, follow fellow Which Wich Warrior James Wheeler’s blog, Which Wich Warriors.



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