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Heading to Haiti

Next week I’ll be traveling to Haiti for seven days to build a house with a group of volunteers from the Building Goodness Foundation (BGF).

The house is called an ‘incentive kay’ (kay means house in Creole). In Haiti, BGF supports an excellent project called CODEP, short for COmprehensive DEvelopment Project, run by Haiti Fund, Inc. CODEP’s reforestation efforts in the mountains near Léogâne, Haiti, have helped repair the ecosystem and support economic development, education, health and hygiene, and other improvements. Participating Haitian families can earn a variety of incentives, including a new house—the incentive kay.

With four other people, two BGF staff members and two other volunteers, I’ll be hiking into the mountains between Léogâne and Jacmel and camping for 4-5 days while we build the house. We’ll have a generator and power tools, but we’ll also be living in tents and without many amenities. With luck, my recent hiking trip on the AT will have prepared me somewhat for the strenuous hike, although this time I’ll be carrying my hand tools with me as well! And I’ve also started picking back up on learning Haitian Creole, so I hope to know some of the basics by the time I’m there.

Wish me luck! Also, please consider supporting the good work of BGF and Haiti Fund, Inc. They can use it.




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