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Guadeloupe, le bilan

As I mentioned in my last post, I spent six weeks as a summer program leader in Guadeloupe for VISIONS Service Adventures. It was great! The work was very intense and often stressful, but it was worth it to experience a new and special place alongside a great group of staff and participants. (Bilan is … Continue reading

Je vais à Guadeloupe!

I’m lucky to have found an excellent summer job, one that will take me back out of the country for about 5 weeks this summer. I’m heading to Guadeloupe, a French island in the Caribbean, as a trip leader with a program called VISIONS Service Adventures. VISIONS runs community service programs for teens that blend volunteer … Continue reading

La boîte de nuit

The best English mistake I’ve come across so far: the nightbox. Sample usage: Vincent: “So, class, what did you do this weekend?” Student: “Zees weekend, I go to zee nightbox. I have drink lot.” Nightbox is simply a too-literal (yet somehow wonderful) translation of la boîte de nuit (nightclub). Since, according to their accounts, my … Continue reading

Sortie ski – Gourette

Went skiing at Gourette in the Pyrenees today with friends. It was the first time I’ve been skiing in a long time – maybe 7 or 8 years. The feel of it came back pretty quickly, however. I was far from elegant, but we had a great time. Here’s the view from the slopes: Ha! … Continue reading

Repas américain

Since I haven’t updated the blog in ages you may or may not be aware that I recently moved into a Foyer de jeunes travaillers (young workers’ residence) in Pau, France, a medium-sized city about 50 km from where I teach. The foyer has collective dinners during the week and last week, the residents asked … Continue reading

Chaque nuit dans mes rêves

Another post with mostly pictures and not very many words. But this is too good to pass up! A collection of (mostly) English cartoons by students at my school.

L’Automne au lycée

Fall is here in southern France. Of the past eight days, about six have been filled with variations on the same kind of rain, a gusty, vivacious rain that says “Come out and play!” and I would, but it’s cold, windy, and freaking raining. During a brief break in the weather near sunset last week, … Continue reading