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Bad Movie of the Week: Lethal Ninja

Fasten your seatbelts, folks, the Bad Movie of the Week is back with a vengeance! (And yes, clichéd phrases are crucial to the BMotW experience). This weekend’s visit from Will included three features, one each from the bountiful genres of martial arts, science fiction, and grindhouse. Today we look at our martial arts movie, a little number … Continue reading

Bad Movie of the Week: Barbarella

Back when science fiction meant that anything and everything could happen, along came Barbarella. Starring Jane Fonda and Marcel Marceau, Barbarella is based on the French erotic comics of Jean-Claude Forest, and it’s precisely as amazing and ridiculous as you’d expect a 1968 French experimental science fiction film to be. Notably, the villian is known … Continue reading

Bad Movie of the Week: Circle of Iron

It’s the Bad Movie of the Week! In the world of bad movies, David Carradine is a high priest (though he has been known to star in good movies as well). But this isn’t just any David Carradine movie. Its production began in 1970, when Bruce Lee co-wrote a script for a new movie called … Continue reading

Bad Movie of the Week: Gymkata

My friend Will is back in Biloxi! And that means the return of the Bad Movie of the Week. What happens when you combine “The Skill of Gymnastics. The Kill of Karate”? Enter Kurt Thomas, a U.S. gymnast who won gold medals at the 1978 and 1979 World Gymnastics Championships and — naturally — decided … Continue reading

A June Weekend

I. Deer Island For a while, I have wanted to swim out to Deer Island, the small coastal island about half a mile off the Biloxi beach. Saturday afternoon, I decided to give it a shot. The water is hot, salty and stagnant, so it it not a very pleasant swim, and you have to … Continue reading

Bad Movie of the Week: Mazes and Monsters

Welcome to the Bad Movie of the Week! [See the Archive.] Perusing the internet last week, I came across a movie reference in this article and at once a new quest was revealed to me. A very young Tom Hanks stars in this moralistic tale about the dangers of a thinly disguised version of Dungeons … Continue reading

Bad Movie of the Week: Witch’s Sabbath

Welcome to the Bad Movie of the Week. [See the Archive.] This week, a small but courageous band of adventurers — Jessie, Will, Molly, Alan, Brooke, and I — took on: Witch’s Sabbath (2005) Plot: “A coven of female witches, whose only magical power seems to be [the ability] to surgically-enhance their breasts, …” starts … Continue reading