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Bad Movie of the Week: Lethal Ninja

Fasten your seatbelts, folks, the Bad Movie of the Week is back with a vengeance! (And yes, clichéd phrases are crucial to the BMotW experience). This weekend’s visit from Will included three features, one each from the bountiful genres of martial arts, science fiction, and grindhouse. Today we look at our martial arts movie, a little number … Continue reading

Bad Movie of the Week: Circle of Iron

It’s the Bad Movie of the Week! In the world of bad movies, David Carradine is a high priest (though he has been known to star in good movies as well). But this isn’t just any David Carradine movie. Its production began in 1970, when Bruce Lee co-wrote a script for a new movie called … Continue reading

Gulf Coast Judo

This is the Gulf Coast Judo Club, including seniors (back row, from left) Will, Jay, Tibor, James, Jeff, Me, Tadeo, and Reuben, and (seated, from left) sensei Jim Hunt and sensei Ken Altman. Part of the senior class. From left: Jay, Will, Tibor, James, Jeff, Me. (I’ve since gained my yellow belt.) Will’s promotion to … Continue reading

What Is Going On

Now that you are about to have read this, you will have been knowing what has or has not been going on! The Olympics are great! As a long-time swimmer, in heart if not always in fact (I started swimming at around 6, did varsity in high school, and took a break in the first … Continue reading

Procrastination by Judo

I was heavily distracted, yesterday during work and again after frisbee, watching judo and mixed martial arts videos online. Pretty awesome and inspirational stuff.


(Not me. Via Wikipedia) It’s official – I’m now doing judo over in Ocean Springs along with Will/Nick/various other Hands On folk. The first few classes have been very fun; it’s a new martial art for me and I’m learning a lot already. I think that setting some goals is the most important thing you … Continue reading

Perfect Sunday

It is 70 degrees and sunny and I am in shorts and a t-shirt. Here is what today is like: Wake up at noon. Play football on the town green for a couple hours. Get lunch at Le Bakery and go to the park to eat. Play on the playground and kick the soccer ball … Continue reading