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AT Hike, Pearisburg to Blacksburg

This week I spent four days hiking a section of the Appalachian Trail near Blacksburg, VA. Here’s a short breakdown of the trip and some photography from along the way. Day 1 – Pearisburg to Rice Field: Start near New River/Pearisburg, VA. Approximately 2.3 miles moderate climb to crest of Peters Mountain, then follow the … Continue reading

Spring in Seattle

The season seems to bring highly variable weather. Rain, sun, wind, snow, even hail: we’ve had it all. Snow in the morning… …Sun in the afternoon. The pictures above and below were taken within a couple hours of each other. As they say, don’t like the weather during spring in Seattle? Wait 10 minutes; it’ll … Continue reading

Sortie ski – Gourette

Went skiing at Gourette in the Pyrenees today with friends. It was the first time I’ve been skiing in a long time – maybe 7 or 8 years. The feel of it came back pretty quickly, however. I was far from elegant, but we had a great time. Here’s the view from the slopes: Ha! … Continue reading

Chaque nuit dans mes rêves

Another post with mostly pictures and not very many words. But this is too good to pass up! A collection of (mostly) English cartoons by students at my school.

L’Automne au lycée

Fall is here in southern France. Of the past eight days, about six have been filled with variations on the same kind of rain, a gusty, vivacious rain that says “Come out and play!” and I would, but it’s cold, windy, and freaking raining. During a brief break in the weather near sunset last week, … Continue reading

Bienvenue en France!

Time to start posting… I’ve been in France for almost two weeks. I’ve moved into my apartment in Aire sur l’Adour. But I haven’t posted anything on the blog yet, and now it feels like there’s an overwhelming amount of things to write about. So here is a first post to take the pressure off. … Continue reading

Salvation Army Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Center

It may sound like the dying scream of a Western gunslinger, but SARJKCCC is actually the new 52,000 square foot community center that the Salvation Army is building on Division Street next to Yankie Stadium. This location will be familiar to many volunteers as the former home of the large Salvation Army dome, which was … Continue reading