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Spring in Seattle

The season seems to bring highly variable weather. Rain, sun, wind, snow, even hail: we’ve had it all. Snow in the morning… …Sun in the afternoon. The pictures above and below were taken within a couple hours of each other. As they say, don’t like the weather during spring in Seattle? Wait 10 minutes; it’ll … Continue reading

The house

As promised, here is the house in Seattle that I am working on. It is a partial renovation; the existing house, which had no foundation to speak of, is being supported on a temporary structure (one of the wooden beams is visible under the house) while we pour a new concrete foundation. In this photo, … Continue reading

Update: Seattle!

According to my rough calculations, around 26 million people worldwide have died while waiting for me to update this blog. In order to stop the situation from getting any worse, here’s a quick look at where I am and what I’ve been doing. August-December, I was in Virginia, spending time in my hometown and working … Continue reading