Architecture: Community Design

  • Gulf Coast Community Design Studio – Our design studio is embedded in the community of Biloxi and offers design assistance, mapping, planning, and other services to families and organizations in need.
  • Architecture for Humanity – A volunteer non-profit organization set up to promote architecture and design to seek solutions to global social and humanitarian crises. The AfH Model Home Program is currently building seven houses in East Biloxi.

Architecture: Networks

  • Open Architecture Network – An online, open source community begun by Architecture for Humanity and dedicated to improving living conditions through innovative and sustainable design.
  • Cradle-to-Cradle – Promotes new design principles and an industrial system in which products are created for cradle-to-cradle cycles, whose materials are perpetually circulated in closed loops. Based on the work of William McDonough and Dr. Michael Braungart.
  • CITYbuild Consortium of Schools – A collective of national university-based programs working cooperatively to address the community rebuilding challenges of New Orleans.

Architecture: Firms and Organizations

  • Community Planning and Design – Based in Charlottesville, VA, CP+D offers a broad and open-minded approach to planning and design through the work of (my professors) Judith Kinnard, Ken Schwartz, and Maurice Cox.

Building & Volunteer Coordination

  • Hands On Gulf Coast – A Biloxi-based volunteer organization coordinating short- and long-term volunteers in a broad range of initatives including construction, mold remediation, green spaces, youth development, and community outreach.


  • Sierra Club – America’s oldest, largest, and most influential grassroots environmental organization works to protect our communities and the planet.
  • Back Porch Energy Initiative – A non-profit organization working with communities to cultivate local responses to the national and global issue of energy consumption.
  • Waterkeeper Alliance – Champions clean water and strong communities through local programs, environmental protection, and issue advocacy.


  • Tulane University – The Tulane School of Architecture is part of one of the most extraordinary stories in the history of higher education in the United States. The School and University have been central participants in the recovery of New Orleans in the post-Katrina era, and the trajectory has taken on multiple forms of educational opportunity over the past half dozen years.
  • University of Virginia – A historic public research university founded by Thomas Jefferson in Charlottesville, VA. UVA ranks as one of the top public universities on the strength of its academics, honor system, and student self-governance. Its School of Architecture focuses on the analysis and design of the public realm and a close integration among the disciplines of architecture, landscape architecture, history of architecture, and urban and environmental planning.
  • Auburn University’s Rural StudioThe Rural Studio is a design/build studio that seeks solutions to the needs of the community within the community’s own context. Students learn to transform abstract ideas based upon knowledge and study into workable solutions forged by real human contact, personal realization, and a gained appreciation for the culture.


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