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AT Hike, Pearisburg to Blacksburg

This week I spent four days hiking a section of the Appalachian Trail near Blacksburg, VA. Here’s a short breakdown of the trip and some photography from along the way. Day 1 – Pearisburg to Rice Field: Start near New River/Pearisburg, VA. Approximately 2.3 miles moderate climb to crest of Peters Mountain, then follow the … Continue reading

New blog format – again

8.22.11 – Looking for a more substantial look for Southern Live Oak after the minimalism of the past year, I’ve switched to The Morning After for the blog’s new theme. Let me know what you think!


It turns out that Virginia’s New River Valley has its very own design studio. It’s part of a non-profit community development corporation called Community Housing Partners (CHP) that works throughout Virginia and the surrounding region. The Community Design Studio (CDS) is located in Christiansburg, VA, about 8 miles from my house in Blacksburg. And I … Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Chris

My friend Malcolm Christopher Eckel turns 24 today. In honor of your birthday, Chris, I thought I’d pull out a couple pictures from back in the day. Those were good times.

Status Update: Home for the Holidays

Vincent is flying home to Virginia this Friday! He’ll be visiting Charlottesville on Saturday for a few days,  spending some quality time at home in Blacksburg, and flying back to Biloxi at the end of December. Be in touch! That is all.

Christmas in Virginia

Christmas came with plenty of good food: Crepes, orange rolls, beef wellington, cranberry sauce, salad, gingersnaps, almond butter cookies, peanut brittle, ice cream, and more. Adding to the list of healthy foods are Dutch treats, like Chocoladeletters — big chocolates that come in all letters of the alphabet: From the back of one (this is … Continue reading


Head in bandages for a few days once again. I’m having a birthmark on my head removed, first surgery was in August, second was yesterday. Painkillers seem to be doing a better job, or maybe sutures are less painful than staples. They will certainly be easier for going through airport security. I’m not planning to … Continue reading